Sunday, March 24, 2013

Queen Anne style Chair makeover Part 1

I just got this beautiful chair, don't you just love her!  On my way home from picking her up I decided to stop at Joann's and get fabric.  I know, I don't waste much time.  It's just, I have been looking for this style of chair for MONTHS!  I can hardly wait to see it finished :)

I am going to try and attempt to show you the steps, this will be my first try so be patient :) Oh and I am not an expert, this is actually my first chair.  Two firsts!!

First, remove all the cording off the chair.  It is usually just glued on so it should come off pretty easy with some pliers and scissors.  Mine torn off really easy, a few spots stuck so I had to snip the fabric with my scissors.  When the cording is all removed make sure no staples are sticking up, if they are remove them with pliers.   There were some I couldn't remove so I just hammered them in all the way.

Here is a shot with all the cording off.  I was going to remove all the fabric but it was tearing my batting up so leaving it on was just easier.  If you have a dark fabric and are putting a light one over you will have to remove all the fabric off the chair.  

Now comes the fun part...PAINT!! I decided to use two colors one for the main body and one to highlight the carved details.  Main color was ASCP in Coco , highlights were old white.  Here is a pic of the two paints.  I applied 2 coats of the coco and then with a smaller artists brush I applied the old white.  It doesn't have to be perfect so don't stress out about staying in the cracks.  I have a few friend who would hate this part :)  Luckily I am not one of those people!  I know looks kinda strange, trust me it will turn out perfect.

Now this next step is one of the longest, sanding.  I always always sand by hand.  I feel it gives me more control over the finished look and allows me to draw attention to different areas on the furniture.  Also, I like to sand before waxing, that's just me.  However, it does mean more of a mess to clean up.  

I just love how the wood shows in some areas, it just speaks to me.  After sanding the whole chair with medium and light sandpaper you are ready for wax.  On this project I decided to just clear wax because the fabric I am putting on is pretty light and I didn't want the chair too look too dark or dirty.   The wax deepens the paint and brings out the color of the wood perfectly.

Here is a sneak peak of Part 2, Can't wait to see her finished!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

So Excited!!

Had so much luck today shopping for furniture :)   Found a nightstand, someone already claimed it, coffee table and a Queen Anne style chair.  Time to paint, and reupholster, so darn excited!! I will post pics once I finish projects.  Oh, and my other love, buying fabric.  I already bought the fabric to recover my chair.  Wish I could start right this very second but tonight is family time.  Movie night :)  

Laundry room makeover!!

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I HATE folding laundry and putting it away.  And with 8 people there is always tons of it!!  My laundry room isn't large but I have had a vision for 6 months now of a laundry basket dresser.  I see them all over pinterest and am always envious of those organized rooms.  I had bought 6 100 year old doors off Craigs List for $20 each, can you believe it!!!  I know, I did a happy dance and jumped in my car.  I wasn't about to let those get away!  I love me some old doors,  but I hate the prices at antique dealers around here.  I found one little place and she wanted $60 - $100 per door, can you say crazy?  I think I almost laughed at her when she told me, needless to say I haven't gone back :)  So anyway, they were sitting in my garage waiting to be turned into headboards.  But I had an idea.... take 3 and make a table to fold clothes on and shelves for all my baskets.  Yes!!!  I went to Lowes and bought a solid piece of wood for the shelf, some brackets and feet.  Cut, sand, drill and voila here it is.  I LOVE it!!  

Don't even ask if the laundry is done.. I'm busy painting!! :)

Oh, and after it was finished and I was folding laundry, yes I do that sometimes, I realized I really needed somewhere to hang all the shirts.  Enter door knobs, perfect solution!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Some random furniture pics to get up to speed :)

Argyle Buffet

One of my most favorite projects to date was this buffet.  I can't seem to locate the original pic but just picture a dark mahogany , dingy and scratched up.  I painted with ASCP in olive for the  base coat and county gray for  top coat.  I distressed to show more of the olive color in areas, I just love that color.  the door and top design are in olive and primer  red.  I loved it so much I wanted to keep it, and I did for about 2 months :)

Sit for awhile!

Here are just a few chair makeovers.  I love chairs!  I am currently in love with the french style chairs with grain sacks.  Just wish I could afford them :)  These are just simple updates with paint and fabric.  Hope you like them.