Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Relay For Life

If you are not local and want to support a great cause, click on the link below to make a donation.  Remember, no amount is too small :)  Thanks!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A couple before and afters for this week

Here are just a few projects I have been working on this week.  Hope you like them :) Like I always say, "just imagine what paint can do to ugly furniture!!"  Don't throw ANYTHING alway!!






Saturday, April 13, 2013

Queen Anne chair part 2

It's finished!!!  Finally!!!  I LOVE how it turned out and I know someone will be very happy with it in their home :)  The second part was mostly sewing.  I'm not great at explaining how to sew, sorry.  I have always just been able too.  In part thanks to my wonderful mommy :) thanks mom, and my home ec teacher in 7th grade.  It was soooo worth the wait because it is even better then I dreamed it would be.  Wish I could keep it but I know my 6 dirty kids would kill it in a matter of seconds.  Hope you love it as much as I do!

Click here for part 1 on Queen Anne chair makeover.



Thursday, April 11, 2013

From yuck to yummy :)

Ok, lame title but it really is yummy!  I found this chair at Goodwill with my good friend Jodi :) Well it was because of her that I got it.  I loved the legs so much and knew that if they were painted it would make an amazing chair.

Before, see what I mean, yuck!

It needed to have all the legs and arms tightened down.  The veneer was chipping off and couldn't be saved and the fabric was gross to say the least.  

I wanted a color that would pop in any room and bring out the great legs and arms so I chose ASCP in Emperor's silk.  After painting the first coat I would say that I accomplished my goal :)

After 3 good coats I was ready to wax.  Clear wax followed by dark wax heavier in the cracks.  It's hard to see in pics but the color is actually deeper and there is more dark from the wax showing.  I hate how pictures don't capture the true beauty.  Oh, well.

Here she is finished, hope you like it as much as I do

No 31 is not my lucky number, but it is lucky to be on this chair, hahahaha :)

After many people said they loved the chair but not the 31 I decided to change it up.  Still love it :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coffee table update

Just wanted to show a few pics of the coffee table I just painted.  It's amazing what paint can do :). I used ASCP in emperors silk and Versailles, lightly distressed and clear waxed.



Thanks for visiting!

Dresser turned Buffet

I have had this dresser in my garage for a month and a half now and have been dying to work on it.  I could see the potential right away when it was posted on CL.  I wanted it to be a buffet but it was only 30in tall and that isn't enough unless you are short, which I am not :) Some 2x4's and 5 feet did the trick bringing it to almost 35in.


I loved the carvings in the doors and drawers.  Kinda looked mid-evil or victorian in a way.  I decided to paint it ASCP Old white and Coco.  Inside accent is Olive.  Drawer pulls were too out dated so had to change those.  I lined the drawers with this metallic wallpaper I found on clearance at Home Depot.  Hours and hours of work later, done!  I just love how it turned out, if I could keep it I would :) Then again I always say that :)


Hope you like it!  Thanks for looking :)