Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Family Table project, part 1

I have always wanted a beautiful dining room table and loved the barn style ones you see everywhere right now.  But oh man the price was waaaaayyy too high for this girl.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to build the whole table or just the top.  When I found this table on CL I knew I had to have it.  It is over 100 yrs old and the carvings on the legs were perfect.  The top wasn't great but I planned on replacing it anyway.
Now don't get me wrong, I loved it like this.  The top had tons of water stains when I purchased it.  I decided to paint and distress the table.  The issue with the top was one of the end boards was cracked and when you lean on the end of the table it separates some.  Not to mention the whole top was rickety.

These are the carvings on the legs that I just loved.  I do in hindsight regret painting the detailed areas, it took over 6 hours to remove the paint!!

First step was to strip the legs and remove the top.  Like I said this took 6 hours with a toothbrush no less.  Not a great idea to paint and then strip.  But, I did decide that by doing that I guaranteed the stain for the top will match the legs perfectly.  I know I would not have stripped the old stain off so in a way it helped :) or that's what I'm gonna tell myself anyway. Here are a few picture of the base getting stripped of the paint.


So glad that part is finished!  But I love how the legs turned out :)  Next step is to make the top.  I used a Kreg Jig to do this and it made it much easier.  If you are going to make your own table I do recommend that you pay close attention to the straightness of your boards.  I had one that was a little warped and it through off the whole top by about 1/4 of and inch.  Not an easy fix!!  

I do so love my Jig!!!  Drill all your jig holes.  Make sure to use wood glue between each board.  Clamping helps keep the boards exactly where you want them.  Trust me they will shift without clamps, use clamps!  

 Once the top is dry you can remove the clamps and add the skirt.  This is measured with recycled 1x1's.

Stay tuned for the reveal in part 2 , thanks for stopping by!!


Here are a couple desks I worked on over the past month.  They are very different from each other but I love them both.  It truly is amazing what paint can do!!

Before and after

Before and after kids desk

A couple painted tables

Well, its been awhile since I posted.  I was super busy with Relay for Life here in Dupont.  Now that that is finished I can go back to my projects.  I have about 10 right now to do for clients so there will be anymore pictures to come.  Here are just a few tables I painted and distressed.  I love the way the colors turned out!

Console table before


Small coffee table before and after