Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Shim bed :) My new love :)

Ok this is seriously one of the funnest projects I have gotten to work on yet.  I am so in love with this bed that I want to make one to keep.  I got the plans from http://anawhite.com/2013/08/plans/cassidy-bed-king  (she is amazing by the way)

So there I am in Lowe's getting all of the supplies to build this unique bed and the guy cutting the plywood for me is curious about what I'm working on.  I told him, I'm building a bed :) that's me smiling :)
He looks at me, then at my supplies (shims, about 20 packs) and gets this odd look on his face, thinking whatever you crazy lady.  Yes I know I must have looked like a nut job buying up all of their shims but I couldn't hardly wait to get home and start this piece.

To start I just began laying them out inside my trim pieces to get an idea of what it was going to look like.  This is one of those pieces that you really have to see the vision to get it.  My wonderful husband thought I should just scrap it all and do something else.  NO WAY!!  I kept on keeping on.  After hours and hours, like about 12 of laying, gluing and nailing it was done.  I roughed it up a bit with a hammer and sandpaper since the clients didn't want it looking new.  They were going for a driftwood style and color.  I applied 3 different stains to achieve the look they wanted, then sanded some more.  The sides were new 4x4 posts so I had to use a few different sized chisels to age them up a bit.  I also had my 11 yr old daughter toss them and roll them in the driveway.  Great way to take out frustration!! :) I love this bed so darn much!!

I am currently working on staining 2 dressers they found to match the bed.  I will post pics of them and the completed room once it is all done and they send me pics :)  Thanks Grace for allowing me to build this for you and your husband, it was great working with you!!

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