Friday, February 7, 2014

Ugly 1970's china cabinet gets new life!!

I originally saw this piece on a local FB for sale page.  I  thought maybe it had potential but it sure was ugly.  I forgot about it and then about  a month later it was still for sale.  So I decided to see how low they would go on it since they were moving and it was soooo ugly.  :) Well I got a great deal $50.  I decided to go take a look at it in person.  I was having a hard time telling from the pic if it was solid wood or particle board.  I don't waste my time and money on PB :) It was 90% wood so that was good.  Let me tell you, even standing in front of it I wasn't convinced it could be cute and actually sell.  But, the people we super nice and I got a good feeling from them so I got it.  Well I am glad I did!!  You totally won't believe the makeover on this piece.  It sold the day I finished :) I LOVED IT!!

Can you say UGLY!!!!!
 Hello Beautiful :)

 Painted her ASCP old white with accents of Duck egg.  Top of buffet was painted a dark black, distressed and waxed
Thanks to The Graphics Fairy I was able to paint a cool design onto the back of the cabinet.

Like I always say, never throw out a piece of furniture, paint is amazing :)

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