Past projects 2012-13

Computer is down so just posting pics of projects, hope to be up and running by next week!

Couldn't find the before, here is the after


After , love!!  I converted the drawer into a door since the old one was so broken

Before, just a boring red shelf nothing special

Paint, add doors and wallpaper, perfect for a bathroom :)

Coffee table started out white.  Added a chalkboard/chess for family games

Before, beautiful old sewing cabinet

Gutted inside, added a shelf, painted, distressed, waxed.  Great little bar!!

This was an old headboard I bought for my daughter to use.  One move later and it was broken :( She never even got to use it.  Decided to make it into a bench.

antique door knobs for topper, cute!!

Ooooh the pallet coffee table.  Anyone who has been on Pinterest within the last year has seen these.  This was my second attempt.  I have to say I just love these!

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